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    Infectious Bursal Disease Vaccine, Live
    (B87 Strain)
    【Main composition and content】
    The vaccine contains chicken Infectious Bursal Disease virus at least 1000ELD50/dose.
    【physical features】
    This product is a faint red sponge loose conglomeration, easy away from the bottle, after add diluent quickly dissolve.
    Used to prevent chicken infectious bursal disease.
    【Usage and dosage】
    Eyes dropping; Oral or injection.
    Bottle label indicating the dose, with sterilized saline or diluted vaccine injections. Can be used in the vaccinated chicks each type. According to the level of maternal antibody, should be inoculated in 14 to 28 days of age.
    【adverse reaction】
    Generally no visible adverse reactions.
    【Matters needing attention】
    1、Only used for vaccination healthy chicks.
    2、The inoculation of drinking water, the water must not contains chlorine disinfectants,? water to be clean, avoid using metal container.
    3、Drinking water before inoculation, should according to the condition of region, season, feed, Stop drinking 4-8? hours, Drinking bowl should be placed in the cool place from sunlight,Limited to 1 hour? drinking.
    4、When injecting vaccination, should make local disinfection treatment.
    5、Used vaccine bottles, appliances and vaccines that not use up such as disinfection treatment.
    【 specification 】
    100doses/bottle; 250doses/bottle; 500doses/bottle; 1000doses/bottle; 2000doses/bottle;
    【 storage 】
    Below -15 ℃ preservation, valid for 18months.

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