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    New castle disease virus (La Sota Strain) and Avian influenza virus(H9subtype,HL strain) vaccine,inactivated.
    【Main composition and content】
    The vaccine contains New castle disease virus and Avian influenza(H9 subtype) virus,Each 0.1ml virus content≥2*108.0EID50。
    【physical features】
    White emulsion
    Used to prevent the New castle disease virus and Avian influenza(H9 subtype),
    immune period for 4 months.
    【Usage and dosage】:
    Subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. 2-5 weeks of chicken, each? 0.3 ml, more than 5 weeks of chicken, each? 0.5 ml.
    【adverse reaction】
    Generally no visible adverse reactions.
    【Matters needing attention】
    ? 1, Shake well before use and using.?
    ? 2, Make the vaccine to room temperature before use.
    ? 3,Vaccine after opening, should the day finished.
    ? 4,It is forbidden to freeze, do not use after demulsification.
    ? 5,Only for healthy chickens vaccination.
    ? 6,After inoculation, wash your hands immediately disinfection.Used vaccine bottles, appliances and vaccines that not use up such as disinfection treatment.
    【 specification 】
    100 ml/bottle;? 250 ml/bottle; 500 ml/bottle;
    【 storage 】
    2-8 ℃ preservation, valid for 12 months.

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